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iron[wo]man baja 1000

As you know I love desert racing and pushing my own limits. Behind the wheel, my skills have been proven with an excellent finishing track record, so I am going to attempt to "iron[wo]man" the 50th Baja 1000 this year. Yup, I am going to drive all 1200-ish miles down the Baja peninsula to La Paz. Last year Kristen Matlock completed the -700 mile race in a UTV as the first ironwoman, tho we know of no other woman who has ever attempted this feat, nonetheless drive the full +1000 miles point to point solo... in all 50 years of the event’s history.

Very recently the decision was made to step it up and commit to racing a trophy truck (TT). The creme de la creme. The dream of all desert dreams. The best choice for allowing my body to physically last the entire race. While the TT will get more media exposure, more opportunity to be seen during SEMA and the SCORE qualifying, etc, I wasn’t expecting to need this much larger of a budget.

Thanks to companies like Lincoln Electric, BFGoodrich, Prestone, Torco, Mad Media and a few more, I have been able to raise just over $80,000 worth out of a [now] needed $150,000 race package. IMS is throwing cash at media, LeadNav has all my navigational support, Raceline (the SCORE title sponsor) is covering my wheels, and all my past and present teammates will be there to chase me down the peninsula; every bit of support helps. Obviously money is ideal, though anything such as gas cards, lodging budgets, entry fees, etc would be super beneficial in helping make this expedition happen and being able to share it with the world. Title sponsorship is still available too ;);)

Should you be inspired to be a part of this history, I am happy to get you any more information you request. I would love to have you on the team, and if you know of someone or a brand who would be interested, please feel free to have them reach out to me as well.

Thank you for listening and believing this is a possibility!

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