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When having conversations with people, whether I know them or not, one thing I consistently hear is "Wow, you're the Real Deal!" There is nothing more honorable than when other people resonate with the hard work and dedication into the lifestyle of inspiring many through the simple act of "doing it". Being hands-on, passion driven, and taking responsibility for your own life, goals and dreams can take one far in life.

I am excited to announce that Theresa Contreras, another RealDeal kind of lady, and I have teamed up in an attempt and share that freedom with the rest of the world. While we have many plans of putting tools in curious, willing, unfamiliar hands to show them how metal can melt together or lay a few pinstripe designs or even shape a piece of aluminum; it's really about connecting with people for new and old and empowering ways of life.

Go to to hear the stories of many other RealDeal women and find a place to plug in with many others who choose to live a more awesome life than your average human.

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