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KOH 2017 !

King of Hammers this year was incredible! Team Savvy was ready as we prepared like the end of days were near. You know our mantra - winning loves preparation!!! With the course released just a week before race day, and having the course closed for other KOH racing events, there was little time to actually pre-run. Thankfully between our new LeadNav GPS system, knowing the rocks well, and running the first 40 miles about 10 times, we felt confident. We had a few problems during the qualifying round with the engine randomly cutting out on us. An issue we had never experienced previously. While we resolved those issues with no problems, it cost us a few seconds putting us in 49th starting position with a sub 2 time of 00:01:59. Not bad for the cards we were handed. I'm still looking forward to hearing the in-car audio from that run... lots of yelling $#!T words :) Come race day we woke up ready to work, and worked our asses off we did. The first lap was super dusty mixed with a whole bunch of single track tho we found many opportunities to pass. At some point in lap 2 we were running in 6th-ish place. Probably blew that one when I spun on a random rock coming down Backdoor and laid the car on it's driver side. The recovery was quick with minimal damage, though we lost time. Being close to main pit in Hammertown, we let the pit crew take off the hood, fill the fluids and give her a good look over... and we were back in the race. Entering into the additional Lap 3 trails we became stuck in a traffic jam behind one car at the beginning of Spooners.... all he needed was his ass end over to the left 3 feet and he could have drove out of it... or back up and let me show him the line... then winch him if he still can get it up... tho a few rounds of poor winching and more rounds of failed attempts at the same line... I started getting a little antsy. A giant handful of choice words were yelled into Martin's helmet, and the guy finally became unstuck and out of our way... approximately 20 minutes later... felt like a lifetime. Never saw the traffic jam behind us after that... this car is so nimble in the rocks it's quick on moving through them. Yes, we had fuel/pump/line, steering/pump issues, a traffic jam, a rollover, no flats (thanks BFGoodrich for the bitchin KR3's!!) and no hood... but, we finished 12th! An incredible top 20 finish! We worked our tails off and it paid off!! We finished King Of the Hammers 4400 class in a 4500 Stock Mod car that was built to race 5 hours. I am so proud of our team and the work they did to get us there. Many thanks to our sponsors - without them we wouldn't be here and be prequalified for next year! Team Savvy are winners and I am honored to be at the helm of the car #88! More to come this year - we have only just begun!

Advance Adapters Scott

Alpha Laser Cutting


BFGoodrich Tires

Currie Ent

Griffin Radiator

FK Rod Ends


J.E. Reel Drivelines

JW Speaker



PSC Motorsports

Raceline Wheels

RadFlo Suspension

Real Deal

Rugged Radios

Savvy Offroad






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