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It's official! King of the Hammers... here I come!

I’m super stoked to announce that I am joining forces with Savvy Off Road to tackle the 2016 King of the Hammers (KOH) Every Man Challenge (EMC) race next year. We did the official unveiling of the car at SEMA and not only does it look awesome, tons of people are looking forward to this just as much as we are!

When the opportunity came up, I simply had to make it happen. Savvy Off Road has inspired me for many years with their ethics and winning formula, so I am extremely honored to be their chosen driver for the next KOH. The guys (Gerald Lee, Martin Castro and Johnny Rocha) are such good guys to work with and I know for a fact they’re going to give me a dialed car to drive... a 4-time EMC winning car speaks for itself. I am so ready!!

Martin, the general manager for Savvy Off Road, is also going to be my co-driver for the event. While it's his first time in that seat for a race, I have no doubt he’ll be a perfect fit. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for many years and we have always had a fun yet successful working relationship. Another bonus is that he knows the car inside and out, so if anything does go wrong (which we hope it doesn’t), he’ll be able to help fix it quickly and communicate effectively with the team.

Gerald Lee the owner of Savvy Off Road wasn’t able to make the launch, tho’ he said this from his location…

“John [Currie] and I really enjoyed our time racing in the King of the Hammers event, although it was time to hand over the reigns to someone new. We specifically chose Jessi and Martin because we truly believe they’ll make a formidable and dedicated team.”

“Jessi is obviously a highly accomplished driver and a talented fabricator and while we hope we won’t need those skills during the event, it is really helpful to have as a backup. Plus Martin knows the car inside and out, so should anything need adjusting, fixing or repairing, he’ll know exactly what that might be and how to handle it in the most efficient way possible. He’s also a very good communicator and I trust him completely. They will make an awesome team.”

And none of this would be possible without our amazing partners… so a MASSIVE thanks to Warn Industries, Currie Enterprises, BF Goodrich, Raceline Wheels, Real Deal, Bosch, Reel Driveline, CBR, Dynamic Motorsports, Rugged Radios, PSC Steering, Axial Racing, Wurton Lighting Components, and Torco Automotive Lubricants and 270X.

I’ll bring you some more other exciting news from SEMA soon, including a few of my favourite highlights and winners from my competition. Remember to sign up to my newsletter to stay up to date!

P.S. I chose the gold color, someone else chose the high-vis orange. ;);)

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