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Free Me!

Finally... a new and updated website! It's only been 2 years... sorry ;-/. What this means is you get as much free information about me that I can possibly provide to the masses at the same time. Sounds like a deal, right? Certainly I am missing a whole slew of stuff, although I am commited to providing you the best and you will see the site continuously grow and evolve. Therefore, if you have suggestions, see errors, encounter issues or simply have a specific request, feel free to let me know!

Poke aroud and please try to actually read some stuff... seriously... rather than just look at the fun photos and click on a few videos.... I'd like to know the people I inspire (which I assume is why you are here) take the time to really pay attention, listen, and do their research. Smart people make me happy.

Please note there are places to sign up for a newletter... I promise I will not bombard you with awesomness and will only send you love letters once every month or so. Or you also have the option of just writing in to share whatever your little heart desires.... keep it clean kids. Either way, let's connect... especailly if you don't already follw me on social media... which I highly suggest.

You'll also notice the shop link is open where you can buy stuff. Not gonna lie, the store kinda sucks right now. I have great plans to offer you more selections in the very near future (think Christmas), tho at least there are a few items you can adorn yourself or friends or family or coleagues with. Feedback and ideas for purchasable products are requested.... I want to make sure I am making and offering you pieces you will like and want to own.

Cheers to an epic journey. I cannot thank you enough for being a part of it. Enjoy, free me ;)

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