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Jessi was born to race. She lives for the rush of racing; whether it be off-road, land speed, or simply racing around a circuit. Over the past 10 years, Jessi has won many titles and secured top placings across various platforms of motorsport. 


While she is most well known for her time on television, she also holds the current land speed record as the world's fastest woman on four wheels, the nickname of "Queen" of the Hammers, podium finished at the Baja 1000 and was one of the first women to compete in The Race Of Gentlemen. 


Check out the race teams she races with below.

North American Eagle






Our mission is to bring the world land speed record back to America. With an all volunteer team of engineers, technicians, mechanics and computer geeks, we have a vehicle built to safely break the 763 mph world land speed record set on October 15, 1997 by the British.


To date we have made 44 test runs on 10 different occasions. In 2013, the NAE moved into the higher speed phase of the project. Jessi's objective is to exceed the speed recorded by Kitty O'Neil in 1976 at 512 MPH. When our aerodynamics team gives the go ahead, we will set a date for our attempt at the world record with the requirement to exceed the current record.

Savvy Off Road

Savvy Off Road are Jeep enthusiasts who wanted high quality off roading products at affordable prices. And that's ultimately why Savvy Off-Road was started; to provide you with some very savvy products that will stand up in the toughest of conditions.


You'll find the Savvy Off Road team playing amongst the many beautiful, breath taking and awe inspiring trails in California. They particularly like the rugged isolation of Johnson Valley's Hammer Trails which are considered some of the toughest trails in North America.

Oilers CC 



It all started one cold night in November, 1947, when 8 young men from Carlsbad, CA came together over coffee at the APEX cafe. It was there that they transformed their dreams of forming a roadster and custom car club into a reality. That evening the Oilers were born and their first president, Jim Nelson, lead the charge. Fast forward to 2008, when a group of young traditional hot rod enthusiasts found a copy of Robert Genat's book, "The Birth of Hot Rodding, The Story of the Dry Lakes Era." Rich with stories and color-Kodachrome photographs taken by WWII photographer and founding Oilers member, Don Cox. A new infatuation of automotive history and car club culture was ignited.


A new brotherhood was formed, with a total of 10 hand-picked members spanning from coast to coast with a promise to carry on the legacy that began that early November night. Their collection of automobiles is impressive, to say the least, and their determination to bring back racing as it once was is unwaivering. The Oilers have always shared a common ground; to build machines for speed, endurance and beauty, keeping a time honored sport of competition alive! Living up to the promise made to Nelson, the Oilers' legacy has continued with true authenticity and pride.

To read more about Jessi's driving skills and accomplishments, click here.

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