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Petersen Museum


October 3, 2019

This Friday, October 4th, is National Manufacturing Day (one of Jessi’s favorites) and IMS Metals, a long time marketing partner of Jessi, has graciously offered to donate a percent of the proceeds from their one day only Manufacturing Day sale to the The Jessi Combs Foundation.

For locations and hours, be sure to check out their website at www.industrialmetalsupply.com

September 27, 2019

Thanks to the overwhelming public response and generous support of BFGoodrich® Tires, The Petersen Museum is able to extend “Jessi Combs: Life at Full Speed” from 9/27 - 10/3. If you haven't gotten a chance to see it yet, please stop by and show support. Admission to the exhibit is free or by suggested donation to the foundation.

Thank you for all the support thus far and keeping Jessi Combs legacy and dreams alive, so we can i...

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“I ask that…all of you celebrate my life and everything I stand for. I ask that you do everything in your power to share my mission, what I put my entire life on the line for. To reveal to this world what they are capable of, by showing them the confidence and abilities they already possess.”


- Jessi Combs


Q: How did you get into working on cars?

A: Passion. I love to drive, build things, get hands on, and go fast... cars are all encompassing.


Q: How did you get into TV?

A: Skill... mixed with a little personality ;D


Q: Alright, can I get the full story?

A: Of course! Read my life story here.


Q. I'm a chick looking to get involved in the automotive industry. How can I do that?

A: Feel free to contact me, or check out The Real Deal (www.iamtherealdeal.com)


Q: How are you after your back accident?

A: What L1-L4 Vertebrae fusion? Hard to believe it happened about 10 years ago! I have more good days than bad days, tho it doesn’t seem to slow me down much ;)


...See more questions here.

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